Exhibition design

Posters, tags, way-finding & digital communication




Printed and digital communication for a series of 10 exhibitions organized by students from the second year of Master in Fine Arts and Photography at AKV|St.Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures. The whole visual communication for the students of Fine Arts and Photography is composed of three layers:

The first one, is the printed layer which contains all the practical informations on the exhibition. The grid and the typeface allow great diversity for each poster, while maintaining a strong visual uniformity.

The second layer is the wooden board, an internal medium where all the posters are hanged and carried around the institute. Its function is not just as a reminder every time it pops up in school, but it also unites every single exhibition under the bigger hat of the collaborative effort of the students.

Social media communication is always represented with a picture of the wood board around the building. Without the tridimensionality and interaction of the object, communication takes an alternate path rather that trying to replicate a unique experience.